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 Welcome to Water & Chalk

Lettering and Illustration to Brighten any Day, Space, or Event

Find the perfect original gift for someone special in your life, or for yourself! We create handlettering and illustration to help you express yourself when the boring drugstore items just won’t cut it.

Specializing in colorful illustration and lettering, we strive to create pieces that will fill your life with joy. Winters here in Seattle can be a bit glum, but luckily, that grey sky provides the perfect backdrop for colorful art! The pieces we create, both custom and pre-printed, are carefully curated to ensure they will be the perfect thoughtful gift or personalized touch for anyone you love.

We also pride ourselves in providing excellent and attentive customer service. Genuine connections with our clients mean that each piece we create is not just ours, but yours. Even our “email list” is mostly a forum of collaboration – while we never spam, we do sometimes ask for feedback. For example: Do you like design/color/product A, B, or C? By staying in touch with the customers who are so vital to our business, we’re sure to create something that you love.

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In addition to that, we love you. Therefore you can be proud to give the gifts we make. We will always do our best to make things exactly how you want them. Can’t wait to show you! New things are always in the works here.